Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wedding 2012! A flashback....

Seeing as how this started as a newly married chicks blog, I realized what I never did was post wedding pictures....ummm DUH.  So here goes!  Some of my favorites from the best day EVER!

Thursday, June 19, 2014


;5Okay, it's not glamping, but doesn't it qualify since I'm all dressed up?  ;)  We had a wedding to attend this past weekend in a state park across the border in Wisconsin, in Devils Lake.  I love weddings and of course the outdoors, so I had a blast!  I won't bother you with how everything got soaking wet when it rained all night and I shivered in my tent all night not sleeping....
Anywho!  It was a really unique kind of wedding, very low key and lots of DIY I loved to check out. 
Outdoor ceremony

Smore love!!  Yum!  Very cute woodsy table scape
Loved this re-purposed dresser as the bar, made by the groom!
My handsome husband (right) and the new husband (left)!
After the wedding we had a pretty rough night in the tent, as I mentioned, so it was an early morning filled with hiking, fishing and some tiny nature friends!  We checked out a really cool trail that runs all throughout Wisconsin.  It is a footpath called the Ice Age Trail and I loved it!  Maybe someday I can hike all 1,200 miles of it!
6 am fishing....not awake yet!
Catch my balance!

Ice Age trail
Sooo scenic!
The "pothole" trail at Devils Lake.  Name suddenly makes sense!
My husband silly planking :)
Feeling small in nature.  Awesome hike!
The inch worm on the left matches my shoes!
Feeling sluggish?