Friday, December 19, 2014

Chi foodie adventures, and some final Christmas planning with a famed bloggers help!

As I become more and more pregnant (not possible, but one of those annoying things that you hear, and then start saying when it's you!) I am getting more limited in what I can do.  This twin carrying is tough stuff! 
As part of my 2 year paper anniversary, my darling husband got us cooking classes! 

No, I did not take offense, I think I'm a pretty good cook, but this is something I always wanted to do.  I pictured drinking wine, meeting other couples, and messing around at my own kitchen station.....
Well, it wasn't quite that, but I loved it none the less!  I sipped on some cola, talked to some couples around my parents age and sat at my station to soak up knowledge on all things saucy!  It was a good time.  
I definitely had Viking and Le Crueset lust, lol

We made some yummie food based off of 5 sauces, but that didn't stop me from stopping for dessert at two, yes TWO dessert hot spots in Andersonville (Chicago neighborhood on the north side).

Cake from George's

Lemon cupcake from Taste of Heaven

 Did I mention before cooking class we hit up the Thrill list famed "Honey Butter Chicken"?  Yum :)
Strolling around the neighborhood we saw some fabulous "ugly sweater" cakes too!
I have been working hard at surprising Chris with my "12 Days of Christmas"!!  I wasn't sure what to get, so I turned to one of my fav blogs to read, Lauren Conrad, and I was jazzed to get a response! 

It has been quite fun!  I leave a trail of elves and a little treat each day! Of course I had to write it out to plan it!

Here is what made the list!
*craft beer
*White Chocolate Peanut butter
*molasses cookies
*spicy peanuts
*whole bean coffee
*a fancy steak
*a copy of "Dude, Your Gonna Be a Dad!"
*baby's fist book (along side 2 mini stockings)
*A post it heart on the mirror (a pinterest find)
*cozy new slippers
*Trader Joes Egg Nog ice cream
*Trader Joes beef wellington bites
*Trader Joes Speculoos Cheesecake

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pregnancy must haves!!!

Okay, what is more fun than picking cute things for your pregnancy?!  You have to do this!  Maternity cloths can be fun, and of course later on baby cloths, but in the beginning, there are some things I found I had to do to do!
Like, indulge in cute accessories! Come on, that is the cutest diaper bag ever!  And with it I needed a travel diaper chager (so I've heard)....which means I also needed a matching black  Kate Spade wristlet....right?  ;) 

Free baby classes!!!  Sometimes the hospital charges a fee, and they are also like 4 hours long on a Saturday, which is not for me.  

 These natural products made me feel really good about the babies.
Organic products are great in general, but it's nice to feel like you are doing everything you can for the little ones!  The green tea and ginger is a headache go to, since almost everything else is off limits!
 Comfy socks, oh YES!

And you have to get a book to make you laugh!!!!!!!!!

Pregnancy...not so must....
I have a heck of a time sleeping, but I'm also carrying twins which means I'll be a lot larger than a single mamma.  Some women swear by these.... I had a hissy fit and chucked it out of the bed!  It was big and bulky, and while I sooo appreciated the surprise from hubby, I preferred
the heated blanket instead.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Tis the spoil yourself!

Its never to early to spoil yourself, am I right?!?!  I've been eating my way through the holiday and loving it :)
Trying not to play the "eating for 2 card" (in my case 3!) and frankly, it's harder to do because these babies are taking up sooo much space!!
For Thanksgiving, while I didn't host, I brought some cute treats along:

Disclaimer: this was a bit of a pinterest one knew they were "pumpkins" lol 
Then I went for a relaxing mani and chose an OPI holiday fav, Underneath the Mistletoe:

Continued to spoil myself by eating out at some awesome new spots in Chicago: Well new to me :)
Antique Taco is a Wicker Park cult fav, so we had to try it!
horchata milkshake, yes please! Chili cheese curds, okay, you twisted my arm!

It didn't end there, we also hit Michigan Ave for the Christmas lights, although this year I missed out on all of my German favorties at the Christkindle Markt, like Gluhwein...

I also had a meeting at DePaul so I was in the area and couldn't help but stop at Cesars Killer Margaritas....and no, I obviously did not have a marg, but hubby sure did! My n/a strawberry pina colada was tasty enough for me! And I was busy with my giant burrito any how....

We also put up our Charlie Brown tree, still haven't committed to a large size, since we always jet up to the northwoods for Christmas and cut one down for our week long stay at my parents. Charlie was impressive this year!
In the evening some holiday treats that were quick and easy!  Puppy chow and some oreo "coal" mmmmmm!

 And what do you know, I came to school and got this from a student! Who am I to say no to a plate of cookies!  You can bet I took a bite of each one!  And do you love the mug she made or what?!  It has some of my favorite things on it, sushi, a molecule (I teach Chemistry) and the best part is the fact that the molecule is blue and pink, since the baby gender in unknown.  I just died!  <3

And finally, we were in Libertyville to get some grub and check out the tree for a hometown USA feel, which is what Libertyville is great for!!! Pretty much the most comforting food ever!!  Sweet potato tots, mac and cheese, poutine and fried pickles...pregnancy anyone?
A romantic impromptu dance around the town Christmas tree alone in the quiet of the evening with my husband made me feel like the luckiest woman alive.  Soon, our lives will be soooo different!!!

I made some cute tags for my Oreo Coal as well!

A Merry Christmas to come, and I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Nickles Babies weeks 11-15!

Did you see what I did there?!  BabIES??
There are TWO BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am officially a TMIT.... I just made that up!  Twin Momma In Training!  This is going to be an interesting ride!  Any advice from twin mammas is welcome :) 

11 Weeks!!
Baby Nickles are the size of limes!

12 Weeks!!
Baby Nickles are the size of large plums!
13 Weeks!!
Baby Nickles are the size of peaches!

14 Weeks!!
Baby Nickles are the size of lemons!

15 Weeks!!
Baby Nickles are the size of avocados!

Still waiting for the "renewed energy" to kick in.  Trying not to read too much, but just enough to be informed.  Very proud of myself for picking up a copy of Pregnancy and Baby magazine every time I am at the doctor.  Which so far hasn't been too much....
At this stage the genetic testing is done, THANK GOODNESS!  Results were supposed to take 3 weeks, nerve wrecking for sure....
And unfortunately my extreme fatigue was not just due to twins, but also anemia, yikes!  Had me in a panic for a while there, especailly thinking I was eating everything healthy under the sun.  Realized I don't eat a lot of red meat... or enought protein in general, so I 've had to change that.  Missing sushi a LOT!  Coffee not as much, but under 200 mg is supposed to be safe, so I'm starting so sip on some here and there.  No maternity cloths just yet.  Still in hiding :)
14 week appointment and heard my 2 babies heartbeats!!!!  147 and 152, healthy as ever!  My mom was able to come with me for this one (she is 6 hours away) and it was very emotional! <3

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Pregnancy things that are too cute to handle!!!!

Oh my gosh, this is soo stinking fun!!  The scary parts in the beginning are over and I am trying to kick back and enjoy this before I get really uncomfortable huge....and scared again, lol
How is this for the cutest little present a friend could give you???  And I'm not kidding, we were out in the city at a place called Belly-Q!
Ice cream bowl, pickles, tums, bath salts, footises, belly butter, caramel choc candy stick

Of course she was soo mad when I told her it was twins (she would've made it a 3!) but I said it's all good, it means eating for 2 babies :)

And how about this for adorable???  My handsome, sweet, adorable husband strikes again and made this most amazing cute surprise E-V-E-R!!! I named it "The Great Bumpkin"

 And of course there is nothing better than swinging past to pick up your husband at work for a lunch date and you get this kind of parking!

And last but not least, telling the 11 year-olds I teach about the babies, and having them vote on boy or girl, complete with name selections (which could crack you up for hours!).  I also used this book as my intro, which worked great!