Friday, February 20, 2015

2nd Wedding anniversary + the BUMP sign part deux!

2 years of marriage and 2 babies on the way!  What a great anniversary!  And when the anniversary of our 4 years together happens, there will newly be 4 of us!!!!!!
Last year I went cardigan, this year it was a bit cooler, so I threw one of my favorite tops over my dress, and I love how it turned out! Any chance I get to wear my dress, I'm taking  :)  Still as in love with it, and my husband, as I was on day one <3

Monday, February 16, 2015

Best.Valentine's. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have the best husband E-V-E-R!  Seriously.  Not to brag, but what a doll!!!!  Don't get me wrong, I had to date the greater half of Chicago to find him, and boy was it worth the wait.  They DO exist ladies!!  
This year, Chris went all out with his crafy cuteness.  A very pregnant wife couldn't love this day in any more.  Check it out! 
Started like this:  Breakfast in bed, heart shaped pancakes, strawberries and a cute mug of my fav decaf! Along side an adorable scrap booked "agenda".  He knows me soo well!
 Some chocolates with cute puppies: 

Came downstairs to this:

Headed out to my fav bakery for some of this: 

 Then a quick photo and back home for the 'spa" treatment!
 He made stations!  Melting...

Dinner, my favorite, homemade chicken enchiladas, heart shaped tortilla to top it off, naturally!
And to finish it off, some more tender gesteures:

And all I had to show for was this... I'll get him next year when I'm not 8 months pregnant with twins!!
Hope your weekend was as SWEET as mine!!! xoxo

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine must haves!

It's almost here!!! And there are some things I think I must have for this occasion....because, hey, husbands aren't mind readers, right? 
Currently still in love with Kate Spade, so I must have these things! Who knew diaper bags could be stylish?

 With that said, everyone needs some jewelry for Valentines right?  I would like some stackers to add to my wedding ring hand for the two boys I am expecting! And if they come in March, it would be blue! Purple for February isn't sooooo bad either ;)

Have to have this as well, I mean, spring is coming and I love this look!

And this sounds like a great date, expect for the caffeine part, lol
But I do love the mug!  And kudos to starbucks for their cute, personalized emails to lil 'ole me!

Of course I will be treating my hubby to his favorite sweet things, including my ice box heart shaped cake....and some donuts (still working on how to get them delivered....)

And this is a work in progress, but I think I can see the finish line.  Gotta fix up my heart a little, do some more glitter patchwork and get it in a frame!
(We met in Chicago)

And I'll make these as well:

Last night I found this on the night stand from my sweetie, what a doll!!!!!!!!!!!
And right after I clicked post, this arrived at school!

How sweet, literally!  Being married to the man of your dreams is pretty much the BEST THING EVER!!  Gahhhhhh!!!
Here's to love!!!!!!!