Monday, January 26, 2015

Pintastic Baby Shower/Gender Reveal!

Baby showers!!!! What a great time of celebrations and preparing to welcome these 2 little miracles!  Feeling soooo much love I am overwhelmed!!!!  The table scape is a pin-tastic pink and blue masterpiece of goodies that I adore!  Awesome!

Some stork water bottles (okay, they are flamingos but what the heck!) and a blinged out popcorn bowl with some homemade popcorn with chocolate drizzle, a yummie combo.

Pink cupcakes are delish!
The ever popular tiffany blue punch,,,,,
A trio of some favs: Cucumber tea sandwiches, venison and muenster bites, and salmon spread on a bagel crisp, delightful!
Blue chocolate covered pretzel rods, a classic.

Do not ask how long it took to dye these spectacular frosted cupcakes and deviled eggs!
A nod to my love of asian food, a glitter take out box filled with some fabulos twin"baby" candy like:
Doublemint, Sugar Babies, Dubble Bubble, Cry Babies, Baby Ruth, and that was all my idea ;)
Rice Crispies dipped in chocolate with a cool foam holder I created (Chemistry teacher and fanatic, what can I say??).
Strawberry milk, yes!!!!!!!
Hot coco bar!!  Toppings included some chocolate chips, peppermint marshmallows, peppermint oreo's and candy canes.  BTW It was 10 degrees on shower day..... Do not ask me how long it took to make to glitter dipped mugs...
Onto some games!

My oldest and dearest friend from childhood, awwwwww, reunited!!
The questionaire hubby was asked to fill out made for a lot of laughs!  Especially the fill in the blank that said, "Quick, call my mom, the babies are ________________"  You may be thinking, crying, coughing, choking, nope....hubby said....missing!!!  lol
And I had to have the "smell the poopy (candy) diaper" game!  Tons of fun!

All my ladies!  Such a big group of new and old friends from all different times in my life.  Some childhood, some from the Noahs Ark waterpark life-guarding days (can you believe it!?) some Chicago gal pals, my girls from across the hall in my first post college apartment (totally lucky Friends scenario!) some DePaul friends and my teaching ladies!

And onto the next! My mother in law planned me a beautiful gathering at a Golf Club near Chris's home and it was AHHHH-Mazing!!!!!!
Gender reveal cakes were gorgeous and yummie!

Woah!!!  Those presents!!!!!!! The babies are soo loved!

Cute collage!

Interesting trying to get it all home!  2 SUV's, seats down, loaded! My living room is insane right now!

Now if I could just get started on the 85 thank you cards......

Until then, I leave you with the revel, not nearly as cool as the scratch off's, or the cake cutting we did....
but here goes!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Twin Pregnancy Weeks 21-27 Weeks!

Week 21!

Week 22!

Week 23!
Week 24! Merry Christmas! Time for a Christmas intermission....
We got to spend some time up north which we both adore, and frankly, haven't gotten to do much since summer.  It was a great time and the highlight was finding out the gender of the twins!  We each opened a gift with the gender and then sis the same thing for my parents to do.  There was lots of love and laughter, especially when the name picking started, haha!

 This adorable Limited dress almost fit as my Christmas 2014 dress.... okay, not at all...but it was extra funny from the back which was beyond wide open.  No size 0 for this pregnant gal!

 Gotta love the relaxing food I treated myself to this Christmas break.  Lots of mornings like this, smothered french toast bonanza!!
 And it never hurts to treat yourself to a manicure and some cute Christmas mittens from the GAP.
 Showing my hubby some love was part of my elf-tastic 12 days of Christmas!  He loved it!

Week 25!

Week 26!

 Week 27! So long second trimester!!

It's been fun ;)
Can you tell by the look on my face?
Not gonna lie, there have been plenty of these days..... thank you to my husband for catching me in my finest pregnancy moments......

Okay, I'll lighten it back up, there was some fun, lol

This shirt is waaaaay too funny to pass up a picture in!

Bump selflie!  Yup, my precious mother in law requested it.  She is one hip lady!

How come I don't own this shirt??

So long 2nd trimester!  Winter is in full effect and I am busting at the seams! I still have to take a second look sometimes when I see my reflection or shadow.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Boy or Girl?! Shower stuff and things....

Had some time to shop around and get some cute shower invites.  Love working on anything baby with my mom :)
It was a joint effort, me being the control freak that I am, and her not wanting to disappoint me!  So we came across some cute invites from Target, along with some one~sie stickers from Michaels, topped with the signature "Nickles" N stamp and we were on our way.  Invites definitely take me back to the wedding days.  Forgot how many choices there are to make!  Gender neutral is the way to go, seeing as how I don't know myself!


So, I'm adding that the shower will the gender reveal! 
So many "signs" pointing every which way!
Chinese chart says boy................. quiz says girl..............

The store only had blue pillow mints...........hmmmmm.........
 The kids have a split vote.....
Should we let Michael Kors in on the debate?!?!  Ahhhh!!!
Or how about this for a "sign"  a few weeks before we were pregnant?!?! NO!  Not that I'm drinking beer, the word "twins" on the boat!!!  And followed by sisters.....

I didn't know which car seat color to about one of each? I mean, they are twins :) :)

 Cool stuff at Wal-mart!  I know, I said it, Wal-mart has jumped on the gender reveal train!  Scratch offs?!  Yuuuuuup!
Don't count out the dolloar store either, there are lots of neat candy ideas to be had there!  And glassware too!

Still need to check on a few other old wives tales.... can't wait to find out!
Gender Reveal Party Ideas @Jenni Graham thought these chalk boards w/ old wives tales & peoples guesses was fun!