Thursday, June 19, 2014


;5Okay, it's not glamping, but doesn't it qualify since I'm all dressed up?  ;)  We had a wedding to attend this past weekend in a state park across the border in Wisconsin, in Devils Lake.  I love weddings and of course the outdoors, so I had a blast!  I won't bother you with how everything got soaking wet when it rained all night and I shivered in my tent all night not sleeping....
Anywho!  It was a really unique kind of wedding, very low key and lots of DIY I loved to check out. 
Outdoor ceremony

Smore love!!  Yum!  Very cute woodsy table scape
Loved this re-purposed dresser as the bar, made by the groom!
My handsome husband (right) and the new husband (left)!
After the wedding we had a pretty rough night in the tent, as I mentioned, so it was an early morning filled with hiking, fishing and some tiny nature friends!  We checked out a really cool trail that runs all throughout Wisconsin.  It is a footpath called the Ice Age Trail and I loved it!  Maybe someday I can hike all 1,200 miles of it!
6 am fishing....not awake yet!
Catch my balance!

Ice Age trail
Sooo scenic!
The "pothole" trail at Devils Lake.  Name suddenly makes sense!
My husband silly planking :)
Feeling small in nature.  Awesome hike!
The inch worm on the left matches my shoes!
Feeling sluggish?

Friday, June 13, 2014


Another one in the books!  School is out and so am I!!  On my summer to do list, as always, is travel!! We are headed to Utah this summer to take on some single track-Slick Rock here I come!  I also have plans to see the iconic arch and hopefully do some repelling as well. I stole my itinerary from a magazine, not gonna lie :)
Not to fear, I will of course reserve time up in the northwoods to do some of my other favorite things, like wakeboarding, boating and of course, kayaking.
I do love to reflect on the school year, and this was one of my best ever!!  I will definitely miss this group of kids, and hey, looks like they might miss me also, awwwwww!

And who doesn't love a teacher that is willing to wear this while teaching about ancient Egypt!???
And climbs in lockers??
Hello summer!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Best place to live and.....matchy matchy nails?

Do you ever match your nail polish to your outfits?How about cups?  CUPS? Huh?? What about blog font color? lol
Well, this one wasn't on purpose, but I was loving the match to my trusty tea cup.  It inspired me to match up the next day with my pants too!  Then I got some jewelry involved and it was great fun!
How hard to you work to match up accessories/polish/ect on the daily?  
I'll leave you with this...taking it too far?? This one made me chuckle!
Truly a work of "DD" art! 

Now onto more important things, like where is the best place to live?!  I am an avid Outside magazine reader and they are currently doing a vote for "Best Places to Live 2014".  I thought it was great to see one of my favorite places, Duluth, MN competing with one of my other favorite places, Utah!  I visit Duluth quite a bit, as my parents retired nearby.  It's a great town on Lake Superior, which is beautiful beyond words.  A favorite place of mine to kayak and pretty close by to where I went to undergrad.  
I also happened to notice Duluth was in the article for "Best Place to raise and outdoorsy kid".  I don't have kids yet, but you better believe they will be every bit as outdoorsy as me!!!!!
These both got me thinking about my upbringing in Chicago....and the current state of my city...not looking good! Does where you live play a big role in your health?  I'm thinkin' yeah....

Monday, June 9, 2014

My Bridal Shower!!

This weekend we had a wedding to attend at a state park in our neighbor to the north (Wisconsin) and it got me reminiscing about how not many summers ago I was very excited for the celebrations to come, including the bachlorette and the bridal shower.  Here is a look at my apple themed and nautical bridal shower, thrown by my bestie Katie, at the Lake Geneva Cobalt Lounge.
P.s-life goal=own a Cobalt boat  :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Eyelashes in strange places, mango fail and an ice cream train wreck!

Never a bad thing when your evening after work looks like this!  The idea was great, a home made mango margarita, but the execution.... bad news lemme tell you!  I used Sauza (the clear one) and a yummie fresh mango.  Put it into my bullet with some ice and a splash of water.  What went wrong???? No clue....

Onto my next disaster.... I had a delicious new salad dressing to try, poppy seed!  Well, that is until I knocked it out of the panty and the glass broke everywhere.  So, I did what any woman would do. Grabbed a pint of my newest Ben and Jerry's ice cream and pouted over the mess, drowning my sorrows in caramel and chocolate.
In the mean time, Chris and I we up to our usual this past weekend at the park.  He fishes and I watch for a while, then I go running.  It was a gorgeous day, a touch hot for my taste, but I made it!
Feeling tough
Sunny Day!
Catchin Bass
And I will leave you with these, 2 of the more strange and somehow wonderful things I have seen lately.....
No, that's not just a beautiful Land Rover..... look closer.....
Eyelashes for your whip!!!
And this lil' beauty at the grocery store....
Soda + Cake= healthy