Monday, October 20, 2014

Sweetest Day, food trucks, world's largest maze, pumpkins and pig races!

When I say we did all things fall, we really did cram in tons of midwest fun this weekend!  It all began on sweetest day when I got the best breakfast in bed ever!!!  Pumpkin pancakes (one with chocolate chips, one without, oh how he knows me!) with cinnamon cream syrup (my husbands specialty) which was to die for!!!! Of course it had to be served with cool whip frosting "cream cheese" flavor, like it's not decadent enough already.  And of course, milk in my favorite smurf glass ;)
Then it was off to the Pumpkin Festival in a neighboring town where it was pumpkin everything!  Well, until I reached the food truck section that is...

Toasty Cheese gets around town quite a but, but mostly during the work day when I am teaching.  Sorry folks, no food trucks outside this school.... Not to fear, I got my fill!  We sampled 2 sammies and the loaded fries.  I almost needed a pumpkin wheel barrel to get outta there!  But if that wasn't enough, the Chicago Cupcake truck was there too!  Yeah, like I'm not gonna get a caramel apple cupcake...

Onto day 2 of the fall festivities! This one brought us north to a corn fact, it was THE WORLD'S LARGEST! Cool right!  Fought past my fear of the time I was trapped in the "Corny Maze" (no corn involved in that one) in the Wisconsin Dells....which may or may not have ended with a firetruck ladder to get me out...

So we went in and did the color challenge first, followed by the actual maze!  I was really windy and quite cold, but we had a blast.

More fun was had when we elbowed some little kids (I mean....waited in line) to do things that we are probably, mmmm, 20 years to old for!  The slide and the off road pedal cars we awesome!

Wrapped it up woth some cider donuts and apple cider and off to the races!

Races?  PIG RACES!  Oooooh, yes!! I had my money on Miss Piggie, and Chris bet on Kevin Bacon.  I lost the first round, which resulted in paying off the bet (snorting loudly in public) and just when I thought I had the second round in the bag, I was defeated again!

 We definitely had an A-MAZE-ING time :) :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Girl's night out in the city!

I love when I get the chance to go out on a random weeknight with g/f's in the city to catch up and of course, eat!!!  It's a nice treat during the work week, and gets me out of that routine of come home, eat dinner, retire to the upstairs :)
This week brought us to one of my favorite ramen places, Oiistar, in Wicker Park.  I'm not gonna lie, I am Lincoln Park through and through, live there, play there, went to grad school I feel pretty out of place in Wicker.  It's really amazing how much identity each neighborhood in Chicago really does have! Either way, I braved the somewhat unknown territory with a donut from Stans in hand, off to meet my girl Kristin.
Not gonna lie, I took my car to each location, it being new turf and all....
As usual, Oiistar did not disappoint, we had a ball trying some new bao as well.  Did someone say pork belly?  Or was that duck breast?  Yum!

Afterwards we headed out to check out a pretty popular place in the city, Mindy's Hot Chocolate.  Lots of accolades and it's one of those places you have to check out!  I mean, who doesn't want some dark cacao chocolate with a homemade marshmallow on top with some awesome ambiance to boot.  I love this city!

So mad my finger is over the "D" haha!

We had a great time and even checked out some late night vintage shops and determined that we needed a whole different evening out soon, just for that.  I mean it's Wicker Park, you have to!

Of course I am no stranger to checking out new places in the city.  I do leave the "bubble" sometimes, promise!  Like last weekend, when I dragged Chris to a super unlikely spot south of the loop to try a potsticker house...yum!